New Open Access Publication on Fluid-Beam Interaction

21 Juni 2022

The article has successfully passed the peer review process and has been published by the international journal Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences in an Open Access format. This publication proposes a novel computationally efficient mixed-dimensional embedded finite element approach for the coupling of one-dimensional geometrically exact beam equations to a three-dimensional background fluid mesh, referred to as fluid-beam interaction (FBI). The fluid is described by the incompressible isothermal Navier-Stokes equations for Newtonian fluids. In particular, we present algorithmic aspects regarding the solution of the resulting one-way coupling schemes and, through selected numerical examples, analyze their spatial convergence behavior as well as their suitability not only as stand-alone methods but also for an extension to a full two-way coupling scheme.

Hagmeyer, N., Mayr, M., Steinbrecher, I., Popp, A.: Fluid-beam interaction: Capturing the effect of embedded slender bodies on global fluid flow and vice versa, Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences, 9:9