HPW.BW project meeting in Hamburg

21 November 2022

As part of the research project "hpc.bw - Competence Platform for Software Efficiency and Supercomputing", IMCS is conducting research on efficient block preconditioners for complex linear systems and their scalability on distributed computing clusters. Dr. Matthias Mayr and Max Firmbach visited the project partners at the HSU/UniBw H campus in Hamburg. In the course of this visit the IMCS members visited the supercomputer HSUper, which is currently ranked 339th in the renowned Top 500 list of the most powerful supercomputers and will also be used in the future for research questions of the IMCS. As part of the seminar series "Computation & Data", Dr. Matthias Mayr presented the current research results of the IMCS with respect to multigrid algorithms and their application to problems in structural and contact mechanics. Also, the scientific exchange on important research points such as "sustainable software development", which is an integral part of the institute's Data Science & Computing Lab, was not neglected. IMCS thanks for the invitation and lively discussions and is looking forward to the next meeting!