Video "Civil Engineers in Action"

The Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences introduces itself to future students (both military and civilian) with a video. Prof. Popp from IMCS had the honor to star in this production of the university's media center (only available in German). Further information on the Bachelor and Master program at UniBw Munich can be found on the website of the department.


"To gain completely new insights through simulations" - this is what motivates us and thus forms the central object of research at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer-Based Simulation (IMCS). You are cordially invited to take an exciting tour through the presented material and our wide-ranging activities in the areas of research and teaching at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich.

Our Mission

Mathematics and computer-based simulation are of fundamental importance for modern engineering, in particular also for almost all disciplines in civil engineering and environmental sciences. Mathematically sound and well-founded methods of computer-based simulation have meanwhile evolved to what many researchers call a third pillar of scientific progress besides theoretical and experimental investigations, and are therefore commonly regarded as an indepedent scientific discipline today. With their help, experiments can often be optimzed, supplemented, reduced or even entirely replaced. As an example, methods of computer-based simulation allow for easy and cheap parameter studies.

Moreover, new insights can be gained in situations where experimental investigations are infeasible - the safety of critical infrastructure components (e.g. buildings) under extreme external loading conditions serves as a plausible example. Mathematics and computer-based simulation also enable the analysis of structures and processes with randomly distributed parameters, model uncertainties and with non-deterministic behavior. In doing so, they open entirely new possibilities for scientists and practicing engineers to run through different scenarios and to make decisions under the uncertainties that inevitably exist in real life.

Or to put it briefly: "To gain completely new insights through simulations" - that is our mission! With this in mind, we would like to welcome you to the Institute of Mathematics and Computer-Based Simulation (IMCS).

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Thomas Apel
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Popp

Our Institute

You can reach us via the visitors' entrance at the west gate (street corner "Zwergerstraße / Universitätsstraße").
Please have your valid ID card or passport ready for an entrance check at the guard-house.




googlemaps.jpg Directions to the west gate (Google Maps)

googlemaps.jpg Directions to the institute (Google Maps)

Main Entrance (West Gate) Institute IMCS (Bldg. 41, 5th Floor) HPC Cluster (Bldg. 35, Basement) Main Entrance (West Gate) Institute IMCS (Bldg. 41, 5th Floor) HPC Cluster (Bldg. 35, Basement)


  • 1: Main Entrance (West Gate)
  • 2: Institute IMCS (Bldg. 41, 5th Floor)
  • 3: HPC Cluster (Bldg. 35, Basement)