Vortrag von Prof. Steven M. Boker „Multi-Timescale Models of Resiliency Across the Lifespan“

09. 05. 2019 | 16.45 Uhr - 18.15 Uhr

Resilience can be defined as returning quickly to homeostatic equilibrium after acute stress, or alternatively, resilience can be defined as positive adaptation to stress over longer periods of time. Note that both of these definitions can be accomodated using a multiscale dynamics model.
Short timescale resilience can be modeled as the effectiveness of the short timescale dynamic -the shape of the attractor around a point equilibrium. Long timescale resilience can be modeled as positive adaptive change in the location of the point equilibrium and/or positive adaptive change in the shape of the attractor. Thus, one does not need to choose one definition or the other; both definitions can be unified and modeled as one dynamical system.
This talk discusses practical methods for estimating multiscale dynamical systems models of resilience using example data from the Notre Dame Study of Health and Wellbeing. Results are presented of a multiscale coupled model of stress and positive affect.

Gebäude 33, Raum 1131
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