The Professorship for Land Management focuses on the development of rural areas and the valuation of real estate. The research approach is action-oriented in order to further develop processes and methods of land development and real estate valuation. The Chair cooperates with national and international partners.



Evaluation of land development processes

The fundamental objectives in the conservation and design of rural areas are sustainability, efficiency and value creation. It is therefore important to optimise rural development in this respect. To this end, both the individual instruments and their interaction in rural development processes must be evaluated and assessed.

Strategies for rural shrinking areas

Despite all efforts, the regions with development problems are increasing. They already cover more than 30% of the area of Germany. The aim of the research work is to further develop the instruments for rural development in order to be able to create equal living conditions under the conditions of demographic change.

Land consolidation as a land development method

Rural land readjustment has existed since more than 200 years. Whereas in the past, individual sectoral objectives were mainly pursued, today the focus is on the holistic development of rural areas. The task of this research field is to further develop land consolidation as an integrated rural development procedure and to combine it with other instruments.

Cultural Landscape Development

Climate change requires adaptation of landscapes to changing climatic conditions, especially in the areas of flood and soil protection. The aim of this research focus is to further develop the instruments of rural land readjustment specifically for these rural cultural tasks and to test their application.

Support for energy transition

The conversion of energy production to renewable sources is one of the greatest socio-political challenges. Since the use of biomass, solar and wind energy is strongly linked to land use, its expansion can be significantly supported by land readjustment. Sustainable approaches and strategies are being developed in this research field.

Real estate valuation and determination of standard land values

The transparency of the real estate market and the proper determination of property values are becoming increasingly important for economic development. Practical methods for determining the value of land, buildings and rights to land are therefore in demand. These methods are the focus of this field of research.

Urban contracts and public value capture

In view of the increasing financial shortage of many municipalities, the need for innovative instruments for the development of building land is increasing. Central issues in this context are the development of building land through urban contracts and the absorption of development-related value advantages for the public sector.