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„Geodesy is the Science of Measuring and Mapping the Surface of the Earth“

F. R. Helmert, * 31. 07.1843 - † 15.06.1917


F. R. Helmert was director of the Geodetic Institute at Potsdam and is considered the founder of mathematical and physical theories of modern geodesy. He is - also internationally - probably the most cited geodesist of all times. The term geodesy already goes back to Aristoteles: geo = earth; daiv = I divide and thus has always included a planning ground and property related component.

The Institute of Geodesy of the Universität der Bundeswehr München (UniBw M) consists of the professorships of Engineering Geodesy and of Land Management and the affiliated geodetic laboratory.

Engineering Geodesy

Engineering Geodesy deals with surveys in connection with site surveying, project planning, setting out, acceptance and monitoring of structures, other objects and parts of the earth's surface. The tasks of surveying in construction projects consist in the metrological recording for the description of the actual situation before start of construction, e.g. the terrain conditions, the design of e.g. the main axes of a structure, the transfer of the design to the site as well as the as-built documentation and monitoring, i.e. the determination of changes in a structure over time.

Land Management

Land Management is concerned with recording the ownership, possession and use of land and designing it in the best possible way to implement plans and ensure sustainable, conflict-free land use. This also includes real estate valuation and the real estate cadastre, which provide the essential basis for this demanding task. In the rural area, Land Management also includes a planning component for the reorganisation of rural land ownership.

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