Completed or ongoing master theses

First supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. K.-H. Thiemann:


- Current issues of Moor Renaturation and Preliminary Land Management using the example of the Hannoversche Moorgeest


- Sustainable Effects of Land Consolidation from the Perspective of the Participants Using the Example of the Rhede-Brual-A 31 Procedure

- Effects of biogas plants on land use and land development as well as control possibilities of spatial planning using the example of the district of Ostholstein

- Effects of energy transition on land use in Germany

- Biomass from agriculture: Effects of biogas and biofuel production on land use in Germany


- Forms of joint forest management in combination with land consolidation procedures using the example of the Free State of Thuringia

- Legal forms of historical forest use in Germany


- Village renewal: From village development to village renewal - Current issues of village renewal in Germany against the background of demographic change

- Effects of land consolidation from the perspective of those not directly affected, using the example of the Weikersheim-Laudenbach/Haagen proceedings, Main-Tauber district


- Wind turbines in the forest: Planning and legal requirements for the erection of wind turbines in larger forest areas

- Reception and integration of refugees in rural areas: Asylum immigration, planning law management as well as reception and integration using the example of the rural district of Regen


- Climate protection and energy transition: Problems and possible solutions for the expansion of onshore wind energy use

- Development of settlement and transport areas - Status and perspectives with regard to land use in the Federal Republic of Germany


- Possibilities and limits of logging in small private forests using the example of a forest area in the market town Bad Steben (district Hof)

- Construction in undeveloped outskirt areas according to § 35 BauGB

First supervisor PD Dr.-Ing. habil. A. Hendricks:


- Determination of standard land values in areas with low amount of purchase prices


- Consideration of life estate and usufruct right in the valuation: A critical view of the approach according to WertR 2006


- How does energy-efficient construction affect the real estate market? - A market analysis using the example of an Internet portal

- Property valuation in shrinking regions: A comparative analysis of different valuation approaches using a concrete example