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Head of the geodetic laboratory: Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Strübing



The geodetic laboratory supports the Institute of Geodesy in research and teaching. In addition, the geodetic laboratory offers services for the calibration of geodetic measuring equipment. Extensive testing equipment is used for the following investigations:

  -  measured variable "distance": electro-optical distance measuring instruments, code / levelling staff systems

  -  measured variable "angle": electronic theodolites / total station, inclinometer, surveying gyro

  -  system calibration: temperature calibration, parametric target value determination

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The geodetic laboratory has a walk-in climate chamber (temperature range -20 to 50 °C), a 30 m longitudinal comparator with a distance measurement uncertainty u = (0.6 + 1.0 L[m]) mm and a precision mechanics workshop. For the fulfilment of its tasks, the geodetic laboratory has an extensive collection of instruments at its disposal, including total stations, levelling instruments, GNSS equipment, terrestrial laser scanners, laser trackers and surveying gyros.

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Geodetic laboratory - BAU 9

Universität der Bundeswehr München

Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39

DE-85579 Neubiberg

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Geodetic laboratory EDM test track Visitor entrance (West Gate) Geodetic laboratory EDM test track Visitor entrance (West Gate)


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