Prof. Dr. -Ing. habil. Dr. h. c. Günter W. Hein was head of the Institute for Geometry and Navigation at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich from 1983 to 2008. During this time, Prof. Hein received calls to the University of Stuttgart and the University of Karlsruhe, which he rejected in favour of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. Together with his team, Prof. Hein made significant contributions to the development of the European satellite system Galileo, particularly in the field of signal development.

In 2008, Prof. Günter W. Hein joined the European Space Agency (ESA) as Head of EGNOS and GNSS Evolution Programme Department, where he was responsible for the technical development of EGNOS and Galileo until 2014. Prof. Hein has published more than 300 scientific and technical publications and supervised over 50 doctoral students. In 2002, he was honored with the "Kepler Award" from the US Institute of Navigation for "sustained and significant contributions to satellite navigation".

In 2011 Prof. Hein became a Fellow of the US Institute of Navigation and in 2013 the Technical University of Prague awarded him an honorary doctorate (Dr. h. c.).

In 2017, Prof. Hein and his team received the European Innovation Award from the European Patent Office for the signal design of the European satellite navigation system Galileo.

Prof. Hein has been Managing Director of Munich Aerospace e. V. since December 2017 and continues to work as a consultant for the European Space Agency.

Professor Dr. -Ing. habil. Dr. h. c. Günther W. Hein has been Emeritus of Excellence at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich since 2015 and is a founding member of the Center of Excellence at the University.