Our Lighthouses....

From the very beginning, the university's research focus has been on "Safety in Technology and Society". For this purpose, the University of the Bundeswehr Munich began to concentrate research capacities of existing collaborations within the university, to mobilise further potential in this research field.

The research facilities at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich enable researchers to work together across faculty and subject boundaries, thus contributing to the development of a lively and innovative research culture that initiates new approaches to the crucial questions of the future in the field of "Security in Technology and Society". Existing cooperations with long-standing cooperation partners from industry, business and the public sector will be further deepened and new cooperation partners won. This joint research and development work continuously generates new synergy effects in the field of "Safety in Technology and Society".

The new research institution CISS bundles and coordinates research activities in the field of Intelligence and Security Studies. The well-established university affiliated institute ITIS promotes science, teaching and study in the wider field of intelligent systems technology.