Since its foundation, the University of the Bundeswehr Munich has been committed to its mission statement "Security in Technology and Society". To this end, it began years ago to concentrate the research activities of already existing inter-departemental cooperation in this field and to consolidate them in research institutes and centers to make them research priorities.

The research institutions – CODE, RISK, MOVE, MARC, SPACE, SENS, SMADH, CISS and ITIS – enable scientists to work together across department and subject boundaries and thus contribute to the development of a lively and innovative research culture that stimulates new approaches to the decisive future questions in the field of "Security in Technology and Society".

Collaborations with long-standing partners from science, industry, the public sector and society are constantly being intensified – at the same time new cooperation partners are constantly being acquired as well. The joint research and development work continuously generates new synergy effects in the field of "Security in Technology and Society" and thus increases the innovative ability of the University and its partners.