In addition to research and education, knowledge and technology transfer is an important task of universities. It involves scientific actors interacting with stakeholders in areas outside of science, such as industry, society and politics. The University of the Bundeswehr Munich works to ensure that any ideas, technologies and applications that originate from its research are actually used and spread as widely as possible – including for commercial purposes, if possible. This way, scientific findings can be made available for all of society. For the University, a benefit to society takes precedence over the pursuit of financial gain.

Important transfer activities include scientific communication and cooperation with the various stakeholders, which may take the form of scientific counselling, for example, or more traditional technology transfer aimed at translating scientific findings into marketable products and/or services.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Geralt Siebert, Vice President for Research
Nadine Chochoiek, consultant for entrepreneurship and technology transfer