founders@night & Info-Event

20. 03. 2023 | 16.00 Uhr - 20.00 Uhr

Want to know what is going on with Startups at UniBw? 

Are you interesed to join one of our Entrepreneurship programs? 

Then, this event is for you!


On March 20th, a joint event will be organized where the teams participating in our

Business Incubation Program 2022-2023 will pitch their ideas before investors.


An overview of the Entrepreneurship Excellence Program or the pre-incubator will be

presented by founders@unibw, and potential participants get the chance to meet the teams

who had already taken part in other founders@unibw activities, which will allow them to get

an idea about what to expect by joining our program. A networking session will conclude the

program where guests, participants and founders can exchange ideas and experiences. 


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Come, meet, invest and network!


Register now


Please note that the registration is open until 19:00 of 16th March. This event will take place

at Founders-Markt and is open to everyone interested!  



The Agenda:

16:00 Doors open

16:20 Welcome founders@unibw

17:00 Pitches Business Incubator

18:00 Meet Business Incubator Teams

19:00 Pre-Incubator Pop-up Pitches

20:00 Networking & drinks



About the Business Incubator:

A strong business model is the bedrock of business success. The brains behind "The Business

model Navigator" have discovered that just 55 business models are responsible for 90% of the

world’s most successful businesses. In the Business Incubator, teams learned, practiced, and

dove deep on various business models.



About the Entrepreneurship Excellence Program – Founders Pre-Incubator:

The Entrepreneurship Excellence Program or the Pre-Incubator is designed for

researchers and future founders to learn the latest entrepreneurial tools and practice the skills

needed to take their idea to the next level. By finishing the program, you get a Certificate of

completion either on an academic track or an entrepreneurship track.




Entrepreneurship Excellence Program is a 12-week program with flexible Workshops every two

weeks. The program starts with an Info-Event on March 20th and the first workshop will take

place in April. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops!  



free of charge
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