We are hosting the IMF 2023!

23 March 2023

Since 2003, the IMF conference has established itself as one of the premier European venues for presenting research on IT security incident response and management and IT forensics. The conference provides a platform for experts from throughout the world to present and discuss recent technical and methodical advances in the field. It shall enable collaboration and exchange of ideas between industry (both as users and solution providers), academia, law-enforcement and other government bodies.

The IMF is a conference of SIG SIDAR of the German Informatics Society (GI) and will be held in the Uni Casino this year, hosted by DigFor!

We are also proud that two of our papers were accepted for the conference:

  •  Data for digital forensics: Why a discussion on `how realistic is synthetic data' is inappropriate
    by Thomas Göbel, Harald Baier and Frank Breitinger
  • Back and Forth - On automatic Exposure of Origin and Dissemination of CSAM on Windows
    by Samantha Klier, Jan Varenkamp and Harald Baier


For further information, please visit the conference website:


We are looking forward to the event!