CODE Conference 2019, 10+11 July 


Dear participants of the annual CODE conference 2019,
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it is my great pleasure to welcome you at the campus of the Bundeswehr University Munich for the annual CODE conference 2019 hosted by our Research Institute for Cyber Defence and Smart Data.

In view of the constantly increasing threat scenarios in the IT sector worldwide, sophisticated concepts of Cyber Security and Cyber Defence are becoming increasingly important. Facing this challenge is CODE’s mission and therefore highly efficient solutions are designed and developed for various application domains in the public and private sector.

In order to promote interdisciplinary networking and the mutual exchange of experts from science, business, politics and public authorities, the CODE Research Institute has organized an annual two-day symposium with top-class participants and guests since it was founded in 2013.

A highlight of this year's conference will be the Cyber and Information Technology Innovation Conference on July 11, 2019, taking place in its second iteration. CODE is thus treading exciting new paths in establishing a Cyber/IT innovation dialogue and a demand-oriented identification and introduction of IT innovations in the business area of the Federal Ministry of Defence.

I am very pleased about the great interest that the CODE Annual Conference is attracting from politics, industry and society and wish you all two wonderful days with many interesting discussions and impressions!

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Prof. Dr. Merith Niehuss, President of the Bundeswehr University Munich