CODE Conference, July 20 - 22, 2021

Dear participants of the annual CODE conference 2021,Porträt Präsidentin (2).jpg

The CODE Conference 2021 will be dedicated to the guiding theme of “Cooperation” and will be influenced by the global impact of the Covid 19 pandemic. Currently, a hybrid event is planned, with the option to switch completely to a virtual event if needed.

I am very pleased that the CODE Annual Meeting can take place in this way despite all the circumstances and that we can once again welcome numerous high-ranking guests.

The Covid 19 pandemic has shown how important cooperation is and how important digital processes are becoming in all of our daily lives. More than ever, it is clear that we can only overcome the major challenges in Europe by working together. The CODE Annual Conference 2021 will address how these circumstances are shaped at the cybersecurity level and which technologies are used.

The research institute CODE (RI CODE) at our dynamic and prosperous Universität der Bundeswehr München is one of the leading international research institutes for cybersecurity in Germany and Europe, where basic and application-oriented cybersecurity research is conducted. One task of the RI CODE is building a European ecosystem of stakeholders (research, industry, public bodies, start-ups, venture capitalists, etc.).

With the Horizon-2020 project CONCORDIA, CODE is leading a pilot-project with over 55 partners for establishing a European Cybersecurity Competence Network. Through its unique ecosystem, CODE makes a significant contribution to secure the digital society and to European digital sovereignty.

Already today I would like to wish you all a successful hybrid conference with good discussions!

Take care.

Best regards,

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Prof. Dr. Merith Niehuss, President of the Bundeswehr University Munich