Antonia Rose Kristine Krabbe M.A.

Center for Intelligence and Security Studies (CISS)
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Antonia Rose Kristine Krabbe M.A.

Antonia Krabbe was born and raised in Freiburg im Breisgau. She obtained a bachelors degree in criminology from the University of Brighton, UK. Furthermore, Antonia Krabbe holds a masters degree in forensic, criminology and law from the University of Maastricht, Netherlands. During her studies, she extensively focused on the psychological, sociological and political aspects of criminology. Violence research, counter-terrorism, and psychopathology were among the areas of particular interest. In her research Antonia Krabbe worked on the case of Anders Behring Breivik and the growth of right-wing terrorism as well as on the social construction of state-corporate environmental crime and their prosecution.

During her studies, Antonia Krabbe spent several years working in the management and administration department of a language school. In September 2021, Antonia Krabbe joined CISS as course coordinator for the MISS.



Research Interests and Expertise

Violence Research
Terrorism research & counterterrorism
Right-wing terrorism
environmental crimes and their prosecution
psychological, sociological and political aspects of criminology


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