History of the Intelligence Services: Of Trust and Distrust

12 Januar 2022

Out now: CISS Researcher Marcel Schmeer reports for the web portal H-Soz-Kult on the section "Dynamics of Distrust. Secret Services and the Public Sphere in the Western World since 1945" at the 53rd German Historians Conference, which took place in hybrid form in Munich in October 2021. Organized by Constantin Goschler (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) and Rüdiger Bergien (Hochschule des Bundes für öffentliche Verwaltung Berlin, Departmental Branch of the Intelligence Services), the panel focused on questions of the conflictual relationship between secret intelligence services and democratic (media) publics in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany after World War II.

H-Soz-Kult is the most important information and communication platform for historians in the German-speaking world. With about 3,000 visitors, the German Historians Conference is one of the largest conventions in the humanities in Europe.

You can find the section report here.