Four new publications on terrorism and radicalization released!

26 August 2022

Summer publication offensive (though in German only)! In four articles, CISS Senior Researcher Eva Herschinger addresses different aspects of terrorism and radicalization.

The comprehensive publication "Terrorism Research. Interdisciplinary Handbook for Academia and Practice" (edited by Liane Rothenberger, Joachim Krause, Jannis Jost, and Kira Frankenthal) contains two contributions by Eva Herschinger:

- The chapter "The Significance of Ideology for Terrorism, Terrorism Types and Motives - An Overview" discusses the role of ideology in terrorism as well as for the definition of terrorism and which ideological terrorism types and motives have developed.

- The chapter "Cooperation and Knowledge Sharing in Prevention and Deradicalization Work: Why Networking Is So Important" (co-authored with Magdalena von Drachenfels) uses two practical examples to illustrate the importance of networks and cooperation for the prevention of terrorism as well as deradicalization work.

More information (only in German) on the handbook can be found here.

In the article "Theoretical Perspectives on (Islamist) Terrorism: Attempts to Define, Understand, and Explain Terrorism," Eva Herschinger provides an overview of the (unsuccessful) attempts at the international level to adopt a definition of terrorism under international law as well as the various theoretical approaches to understanding the causes of terrorism. The chapter is published in the anthology "Islamic Fundamentalism in the 21st Century. Analyzing Extremist Groups in Western Societies" (edited by Raul Ceylan and Michael Kiefer).

More information (only in German) on the anthology can be found here.

The chapter "Mutter, Mädel und Muhajirah: Gender und seine Bedeutung für Radikalisierung" (Mother, Girl and Muhajirah: Gender and its Significance for Radicalization) Eva Herschinger proposes a gender-sensitive analysis to elaborate the significance of gender for radicalization. In particular, the interplay of constructions of femininity and masculinity, as they occur especially in the online presence of radicalized women, plays a special role for the analysis. The article is published in the anthology "Radicalization Narratives Online. Perspectives and Lessons from Scholarship and Prevention" (edited by Sybille Reinecke de Buitrago).

More information (only in German) on the article can be found here.

Foto: © iStockphoto | ismagilov