The course is aimed at and restricted to staff of the intelligence services at federal level (Federal Intelligence Service, Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and Federal Office of Military Counter-Intelligence Service), at the level of the Länder (State Office for the Protection of the Constitution), as well as Bundeswehr military and civilian personnel (in particular from the field of military intelligence). the German government's administrative staff who are involved in security policy (primarily the Federal Criminal Police Office, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Federal Ministry of Defence, and the Federal Foreign Office), and to members of the parliamentary administration who are involved in parliamentary control of the intelligence services. In the future, it should also be possible for employees of the police authorities of the Federation and the Länder working in the field of state security, to employees of commercial enterprises with a security focus and to members of selected foreign authorities and armed forces to complete selected parts of the course.

The job descriptions are based on the assignments of the employees in their respective organizations or services. After completion of the Master's degree, a high degree of employability in the field of national and international security and security policy is also seen in the civil sector.