• Policy-orientated program on a high academic level

The combination of the  more theory-focused UniBwM modules with the more policy-oriented GCMC programs and seminars provides for unique insights on issues from both perspectives.

  • Specialization in one field of international security studies

Specialization in one field of security studies is a key feature of MISS. The modular composition of the program offers a broad variety of options and encourages specialization and the development of special expertise.

  • Seminar-based, active learning model

A special feature of this program is the inclusion of the professional experience of its participants as an important contribution. The methodology of the program therefore relies heavily on seminar discussions, debates, panels and role-play exercises, in which students can profit from their different professional and national backgrounds.

  • Intensive networking

Through their study with Marshall Center course participants, but also through the Marshall Center and Universität der Bundeswehr München Alumni associations, participants gain a great opportunity to get in contact with security professionals in their country, region and area of interest.

  • International faculty of academics and professionals

The cooperation of both institutions brings together more than 40 international experts and therefore offers an almost incomparably broad faculty, which is amended by selected other international professors. Apart from traditional academics, Marshall Center professors are hereby often senior practitioners with decades of professional expertise in their subject area.

  • Distinguished guest speakers

Due to its reputation as a highly respected German‐American government institution, the Marshall Center programs also often feature prominent guest speakers, which have included e.g. SACEUR, COMISAF, ASDs, DASDs, Deputy Ministers and Ambassadors. According to Marshall Center tradition, these speakers also attend subsequent seminars and give participants an opportunity to discuss issues face to face.

  • Field studies

Many modules feature up to week‐long field trips to security institutions, where students can gain first hand insights on the various approaches that countries take to international security problems.

  • Small class sizes

The MISS allows for a maximum of 15 students per year to guarantee for optimal individual super-vision. In class, seminars will also not exceed 10‐15 participants each, to allow for sufficient time for any discussant.

  • MISS seminars throughout the year

During the entire year, MISS students will meet with their program director for one seminar per month to discuss current affairs and program issues. Members of faculty and leadership of both institutions with subject matter expertise will join for specific topics.