Seminar: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The seminars aim at the independent research of a scientific topic on the basis of some publications and a high-quality presentation of the topic both in written ( report) and oral form (lecture and Q&A session). This seminar deals with the discussion of selected topics in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Each trimester will focus on a different topic, e.g. specific learning tasks and methods, learning for different data types, learning under specific data challenges, etc.


WT24 Focus: AI in games

In this trimester, we will focus on AI for games, with AlphaGo and Deep Blue serving as prominent examples. The integration of AI in games not only enhances the gaming experience but also acts as an important testing ground for advanced AI technologies that continuously push the boundaries of artificial intelligence.


WT23 Focus: Multi-Objective Optimization in ML

In this trimester, we will focus on multi-objective optimization (MOO). MOO is of great importance in the machine learning world as it allows the simultaneous optimization of different objectives. This helps to find the best trade-offs and balance between different performance metrics when developing machine learning models, leading to more robust and versatile solutions.