Team AIML at the MAMMOth Project's 3rd Plenary Meeting in November 2023, in Bologna

10 January 2024

Ph.D. Swati Swati, Ph.D. Arjun Roy and Prof. Eirini Ntoutsi (virtually) participated in the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the EU Horizon project MAMMOth in Bologna, Italy, from 07 to 08 November 2023. During the event, they presented our research on multi-dimensional fairness and engaged in discussions with other consortium members regarding the fairness of AI systems in scenarios involving multiple forms of discrimination and across various data modalities, including tabular data, graphs, and images.


Arjun presented ongoing work on multi-dimensional discrimination (you can find a comparative overview of multi-dimensional discrimination in Law and ML here), multi-task learning (you can find an earlier work from our team in this area here) and explaining the origins of multi-dimensional discrimination in black-box learners. Our approach tailored for the financial use case of the MAMMOth project, promises to bridge the gap between complex algorithms and user understanding. Adding to their repertoire, Swati presented ongoing work on "Multimodal Fairness-Aware Fusion", aiming to develop solutions that ensure fairness across various modalities, a critical aspect in the age of AI where diverse datasets and sources are integrated.