Dr.-Ing. Ricarda Friederike Cosima Sposito

Professur für Werkstoffe des Bauwesens
Building 150, Room 1214
+49 89 6004-2511

Dr.-Ing. Ricarda Friederike Cosima Sposito

She received her B. Eng. from the Munich University of Applied Sciences and her M. Sc. from the Technical University Munich. Since 2015 she has been a research associate at the Institute for Construction Materials at the Bundeswehr University in Munich where she finished her doctoral thesis in 2022.
University Award of the Bavarian Construction Industry 2014

Publication under birth name

Gmür, R., Thienel, K.-C., and Beuntner, N., Influence of aging conditions upon the properties of calcined clay and its performance as supplementary cementitious material. Cement and Concrete Composites, 2016. 72: p. 114-124.

Gmür, R. Alterungseffekte calcinierter Tone und deren Einfluss auf die Eigenschaften in zementären Systemen. in Hochschulpreis des Bayerischen Baugewerbes. 2014. Munich: Berufsförderungswerk des Bayerischen Baugewerbes e.V.