Mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP)

Mercury intrusion porosimetry characterizes pore sizes and pore size distributions in solids using a low pressure porosimeter (400 Pa) for pore diameter down to 2.5 µm in combination with and involves the use high pressure porosimeter (400 MPa) ) for pore diameter down to 2 nm. The technique involves the intrusion of the non-wetting mercury at high pressure into a porous material. The pore size is proportional to the pressure applied (Washburn’s equation). The measurement can provide information about pore volume and distribution, specific surface, density and particle size of fine dispersed porous materials. The method is standardized in DIN 66133.

Hg pressure porosimeter with low and high pressure unit

Figure: Mercury intrusion porosimeter Thermo Scientific Pascal 140 and 440