Hosting "1st Workshop on Vision-Based Structural Inspections in Civil Engineering" at WACV2024.

5 Oktober 2023

Civil engineering structures such as power plants, sewers, and bridges form essential components of the public infrastructure. It is mandatory to keep these structures in a safe and operational state. In order to ensure this, they are frequently inspected where the current recognition and documentation of defects and building components is mostly carried out manually. A failure of individual structures results in enormous costs. For example, the economic costs caused by the closure of a bridge due to congestion is many times the cost of the bridge itself and its maintenance.


In the “1st Workshop on Vision-Based Structural Inspections in Civil Engineering,” approaches utilizing computer vision for analyzing and assessing civil engineering structures will be explored. The workshop will provide a platform for experts from both the academic and application community. The core of the workshop is the “dacl-challenge,” which aims to find the best models for recognizing bridge defects and bridge components by means of semantic segmentation. The challenge is based on the “dacl10k” dataset, a novel, real-world, large-scale benchmark for multi-label semantic segmentation that distinguishes between twelve defect types and six building components. The workshop will take place at the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2024.