Institute of Distributed Intelligent Systems

7 October 2022

The Institute of Distributed Intelligent Systems concerns itself with subjects of decentralized intelligent systems in its teaching and research, focusing primarily on the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and IT-Security.


Intelligent Systems have a growing impact on many aspects of our everyday life. Increasingly, and usually transparently, they access information, skills or knowledge of other systems which in most cases are spatially separated. Doing so, they generally interchange with one another via internet-based communication structures. Examples are voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa, wireless sensor networks or generally speaking multi-agent systems which are capable of interacting directly with humans and their environment. In such a cluster of computerized and software-related components with mechanical and electronic elements, the information aspect is as crucial as the network aspect. It does not only allow systems of different complexity to participate in a communicative exchange with one another, but also combines information technologies from embedded systems all the way up to cloud computing and hence provides the basis for the development of intelligent behaviour. Secure, reliable and therefore appropriate use of distributed intelligent systems requires safety measures for the protection of the network, the central systems and the mobile devices. All the information of these systems should be protected in every aspect from manipulative operations by the use of modern, integrated security mechanisms.


Our institute has an AI-lab as well as a security-lab, which are both equipped to the highest standards. They provide excellent conditions for the research activities of our institute and support the practical approach in all aspects of our teaching. You will find detailed information about the main foci of the institute on the individual website pages of each professor.