Search the OPAC for the journal in which the article was published. We recommend to enter the journal title in the “title(words)” field and to select journal as “Media type” in the drop-down menu. It is equally possible to search using the International Standard Serial Number, the ISSN. (Tip: you can find out what the ISSN of the journal is consulting the following German database: Zeitschriftendatenbank. Switch it to the English language version, search for the journal and look up the ISSN in the metadata, under “Standard numbers”.)
The OPAC allows you not only to search the collections of our University Library. You may also simultaneously search the union catalog of the Bavarian Library Network, the so-called Gateway Bayern. The default setting, however, is the local holdings search.
If no matches for your search were found you can include the union catalog Gateway Bayern in your search via the hyperlink Modify selection of databases in the 'no matches found' search mask:


Next you have to tick the check box for ‘Gateway Bayern’:


Having carried out the search anew two results lists are offered:


You can order articles from journals listed under the second tab (union catalog Gateway Bayern) via interlibrary loan from other Bavarian Network libraries.