The “Wehrbereichsbibliothek VI” (WBB) was founded in 1956 as a special library of the Bundeswehr to supply military district VI (Wehrbereich VI, congruent with the Free State of Bavaria) with specialized literature.

This mission determined its collecting spheres: Bundeswehr, security and military policy, military technology, military and contemporary history, history, and, in general, literature having to do with military. A regional, especially regional and historical Bavarian focus was added.

When the universities of the Bundeswehr were founded in 1973, the WBB was assigned to the University Library of the Bundeswehr University Munich (UB UniBw M).

The holdings of the WBB have been continously expanded and comprise around 140,000 volumes in 2019. They are a valuable supplement to the scientific collections of the University Library.