Nils Miro Rodday M.Sc.

INF 3 Institut für Technische Informatik
Gebäude Carl-Wery-Str. 22, Zimmer 1612
+49 89 6004 7318

Nils Miro Rodday M.Sc.


Research area

My PhD research centers around routing security issues of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and their mitigation. In particular BGP hijacking and path manipulation attacks. We have focused on developing a methodology to identify RPKI deployment, which provides a source of cryptographically secured ownership information in the inter-domain routing infrastructure. Moreover, we looked at default routing to quantify the error introduced into RPKI measurements and compared existing RPKI validators regarding their performance. Lately, my attention shifted towards path plausibility algorithms that are currently discussed within the IETF, such as ASPA. We currently develop an evaluation testbed based on the NIST SRx framework. Additionally, I am supervising student thesis projects within this domain to extend the support of the NIST SRx framework for other routing daemons.

Conference Papers, Workshops, and Other Activities:

- CNSM, Toronto (2023)
- IETF114, Philadelphia (2022)
- ICUFN, Barcelona (2022)
- TMA, Remote (2021)
- TAURIN, Remote (2021)
- CoNEXT, Barcelona (2020) - Poster
- Guest Lecture on Internet Routing Security @ Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH), Karlskrona/Remote
- NOMS, Budapest/Remote (2020)
- ITNAC, Auckland (2019)
- IMC, Amsterdam (2019)
- RIPE79, Rotterdam (2019)
- ISNCC, Istanbul (2019)
- CoNEXT, Heraklion (2018)
- RTUWO, Riga (2018)
- IETF102, Montréal (2018)
- RSA Conference USA, San Francisco (2016)
- BlackHat Asia, Singapur (2016)
- IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposium, Istanbul (2016)
- EIT Innovation Day 2016, Eindhoven (2016)
- PvIB CISO8, Utrecht (2016)


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Seminar/Bachelor/Master Thesis Topics:

BGP hijacking – RPKI topics

BGP hijacking is a pressing issue that has not yet been fully resolved. As trust is the basis for a BGP announcement to propagate through the Internet, it is relatively easy for an attacker to announce prefixes belonging to other organizations.

Several solutions have been proposed to (partially) solve the problem of BGP hijacking. RPKI is a promising approach that is using Origin-Authentication through certificates to determine whether an entity is allowed to announce a certain prefix or not.

As RPKI is a fast-moving field that is actively being researched by CODE, we offer several topics in the field. Students interested in the security of Internet routing are welcome to send a mail and ask for up-to-date topics in this area.

Please approach me if you want to propose your own idea within my area of interest.