The University of the Bundeswehr Munich in Neubiberg operates its own automotive test track. It offers ideal research opportunities for the institutes involved in the research centre MOVE and their partners. It is not possible to rent it out to third parties in any other way.

Our automotive test track is located on the campus of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich.

It offers:

  • planar circuit of approx 3.7 km length, with different opportunities to select different tracks
  • straight two-lane road of 1.6 km length
  • paved areas, e.g. for circle-driving with diameters up to 100 m
  • wet lane for aquaplaning
  • rough road testing area: dirt roads, Belgian block, concrete plate dumps, etc.
  • acoustics measuring lane
  • dirt roads and forest tracks

Technical equipment:

  •  RTK-GNSS correction signals, broadcasted from local reference station
  •  multiple tests cars equipped with RTK-GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems (OxTS): using car-to-car communication, these systems can be used to generate ground-truth data for vehicle tracking algorithms
  • WiFi-coverage (in parts)