MuCAR-4 ist based on a Volkswagen Tiguan. The vehicle is fully equipped with drive-by-wire capabilities: 

  • electro-mechanical power steering
  •  electronic trottle interface
  •  electro-mechanical brake actuator
  •  electro-mechanical gearbox actuator


Many sensors were integrated to perceive the environment as well as the vehicle's state:

  • Velodyne HDL-64 LiDAR sensor
  •  Oxford RT3003 INS
  •  MarvEye-8 camera platform [todo: link], equipped with color cameras
  •  stereo camera systems looking forward and backward


A so-called 'high-level computer' runs all sensor data processing, path planning and behavior algorithms.
The low-level control and electrical interfaces to the actuators are realized using a real-time capable dSPACE MicroAutobox.