Military Issues in English

Modulverantwortliche/r:  Marisa Tan

SLP (3332)


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1 Trimester
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Content and Objectives

Our course is designed to teach service members the specialized language and communication skills they need to perform their duties effectively in an international military context. This type of course focuses on enhancing the participants' proficiency in English for operational, strategic, and tactical environments.


  • Vocabulary: Emphasis on military terminology, ranks, weapons, equipment, and standard procedures.
  • Communication Skills: Development of clear, concise communication for orders, briefings, and reports.
  • Listening and Speaking: Practice listening to and understanding instructions, and speaking in various military contexts such as operations, training, and collaboration.
  • Reading and Writing: Improvement of reading comprehension and writing skills for military documents, reports, and correspondence.
  • Cultural Awareness: Introduction to cultural nuances and protocol to enhance interoperability and cooperation with international forces.
  • Exercises and Simulations: Realistic scenarios to apply learned skills in context, including radio communication, negotiations, and mission planning.
    Occasional lectures will be given by serving personnel.