Language Courses for Students and Staff of UniBw M

Spring 2021

Our spring program will be available for download further down on this page shortly. Registration for fall courses opens on 15th March. All members of UniBw will receive an e-mail if they have signed up for the IT center's mailing list for course information: sign up for the mailing list here. Course registration is to be done online in ILIAS, unless you just recently arrived on campus and do not have a user account, yet. In the latter case you can register by e-mail.

Registration ends on 14th April at noon. Classes start by 19th April or later.

Please be sure to read our terms and conditions before you register for any course. It is also important to note that all language courses other than the German courses will generally require sufficient German skills as the teaching language, particularly for levels below B2, will often be German and explanations of grammar and vocabulary may not be understood without being advanced enough in German.

Should you have any questions about choosing an appropriate course or run into problems with registration, you can contact us at or call +49-89-6004-2040.

Registration is only valid for one trimester. Therefore, it is necessary to re-register when you are continuing a course.