Welcome to the Language center website

The language center is one of the main university departments and has the following functions:

  • Military-specific compulsory language teaching in English and French
  • Subject-specific language training
  • Further education in language training for student and staff at the university.


The language center team is international. The 14 permanent teaching staff and approximately 16 freelance teachers originate from 15 different countries. All teaching staff are highly experienced and often teach their first language. We are happy to answer any questions regarding language training.

Functions of the Language Center

The language center offers a variety of services to different target groups:

1. In their second year of studies (or in the third year for mechanical engineering students) students complete a full year of compulsory language training. This can be undertaken in either English or French, culminating in the four-part SLP exams.

2. For certain degree courses, language for special purposes courses are offered.

3. All staff and students at the university can make use of the further language training courses, for general improvement, professional development, or personal interest.


Please direct your enquiries related to language courses at the UniBw München to:

Visit us in building 36 Visit us in building 36


  • 1: Visit us in building 36