As our English Website is still under construction, you are currently linked to the German institutes' and professorial pages in the table below. Exceptions are indicated.


Institutes Professorship
Names and email addresses
Historical Institute (in English) Early Modern History Prof. Dr. Isabelle Deflers
  Modern History Prof. Dr. Hedwig Richter

Recent History and Contemporary History with particular attention to International Relations

Prof. Dr. Marc Frey

Economic, Social and Technological History

Prof. Dr. Stephan Lindner
Institute of Political Science (in English) Political Theory Prof. Dr. Dirk Lüddecke

Political Science with particular attention to Domestic Policy and Comparative Government

Prof. Dr. Ursula Münch, represented by Prof. Dr. Jasmin Riedl
  International Politics Prof. Dr. Carlo Masala
  International Politics and Conflict Research (in English) Prof. Dr. Stephan Stetter
  Junior Professorship of Insecurity and Social Order (in English) Prof. Dr. Timothy Williams
Institute of Public Law and International Law (in English) Public Law (in English) Prof. Dr. Kathrin Groh

Public Law, European Law, and International Law (in English)

Prof. Dr. Daniel-Erasmus Khan
  International Law and International Human Rights Law (in English) Prof. Dr. Christina Binder

Institute of Theology and Ethics (in English)

Catholic Theology and Ethics

(see Institute of Theology and Ethics)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bohrmann

Protestant Theology and Ethics

(see Institute of Theology and Ethics)

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Lohmann
Institute of Sociology and Economics General Sociology Prof. Dr. Sina Farzin
  Sociology of Globalization

Prof. Dr. Michael Ernst-Heidenreich (deputy professor)

  Socio-Economics Prof. Dr. Martin Binder
Institute of Cultural Studies (in English) Cultural Theory (in English) Prof. Dr. Jan Christoph Suntrup (deputy professor)
  National and International Public Law with a Focus on the Protection of Cultural Heritage (in English) Prof. Dr. Lando Kirchmair (deputy professor)
  Religious Studies with a Focus on Islam (in English) Prof. Dr. Robert Langer (deputy professor)
  Modern Cultural History of North Africa (in English) Prof. Dr. Esther Möller (deputy professor)
  Flight, Migration and Social Mobility (in English) Prof. Dr. Lena Kroeker (deputy professor)
  Comparative Political Cultural Research (in English) Prof. Dr. Jens Hacke (deputy professor)
Empirical Methods and Statistics Division (in English)   Dr. Carmen Klement