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Dr. Manstetten’ apoointment (from left: president Prof. Dr. Niehuss, Dr. Manstetten showing the decree of appointment, dean Prof. Dr. Pascher, chair-holder in Signal Processing Prof. Dr. Knopp (sitting))

Honorary professorship „Information technology systems for Human-Machine-Communication“

January 30, 2020: The faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology expands its expertise by awarding Dr.rer.nat. Dietrich Manstetten to be an honorary faculty member due to his internationally recognized reputation. The president of the university, Prof. Dr.Merith Niehuss appointed him to an honorary professor lecturing and supporting research in the field of Human-Machine-Communication. This field coincides with Dr. Manstetten’s professional activity at Robert Bosch GmbH as a leader of the research department for Human-Machine-Interaction. Dr. Manstetten gave a course on “Application of Information technology – the designs of automotive navigation systems” since 11 years already which attracted a lot of students even if the course was given during weekends. The professorship is affiliated with the chair of Signal Processing hold by Prof. Dr. A. Knopp. Dr. Manstetten will especially support the new branch “connected life” in the educational program of the faculty.
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