Pricing & Revenue Management

Revenue Management represents a relatively new concept for the revenue-oriented design of sales processes which has its origin in air traffic management and for which new fields of application in other service industries and also in various material goods industries have been and are being developed at a rapid pace. The main drivers of revenue management are advances in information technology and its applicability to solve mathematical methods in business practice.

Customer-Centric Modeling and Logistics

The research focus Customer-Centric Modeling and Logistics results from two recent trends; It has been observed for several years that common standard software for the solution of mixed-integer optimization models is becoming increasingly powerful. In addition, the growing availability and accuracy of data enables the detailed mapping of customer behaviour.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics (also known as Business Analytics, Analytics & Optimization) has been a topic of rapidly growing interest for several years now, both in practice and in research. In essence, it is about how to make use of the huge amounts of data available today, not only to derive better forecasts, but especially to achieve better decision making and planning models.