Dear Visitor,


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My chair deals with quantitative methods for the demand- and customer-oriented design of value chain processes.

Our research is concerned with solving practice-relevant questions regarding Pricing & Revenue Management as well as its integration into logistics systems. Current focuses are the optimal incentive management in online food retailing and the customer-oriented optimization of logistics processes. We especially examine those issues that are related to the trend towards urban agglomerations and megacities. Therefore, we deal with the analysis and optimization of pricing systems and the development of control logic in revenue management and tackle our research questions mainly by applying tools and methods deriving from the fields of Management Science and Operations Research. 

We regularly cooperate with well-known companies and participate in practical projects which we support by the use of comprehensive approaches of business analytics, methods of data analysis and data mining (predictive analytics) as well as methods of mathematical analysis.

In teaching, we conduct a broad training in methods for students of the university's Business and Organizational Sciences (B.Sc. / M.Sc.) course and also offer courses with a special focus on applications (e.g. revenue management).

We are always interested in an exchange and are looking forward to hearing from you.