Prof. Dr. Stephan Stetter

Teaching and third-party funding


Stephan Stetter teaches in the context of the BA and MA programs on Social Sciences and Public Affairs (BA and MA), and in particular in the specialization fields of in international law and international politics. He is responsible for the modules “Trans- and International Conflicts and Global Peacebuildung” in the fifth BA trimester, “EU: Political System and Foreign Relations” in the sixth BA trimester, and “Peace and Conflict Research” in the first MA trimester.

In addition to seminars and exercises in these modules, Stephan Stetter’s teaching portfolio comprises lectures on the theories of international relations (BA), lectures on power, sovereignty and resistance in international politics (MA), and regular co-organization of research and study trips as part of the module “International Law and Politics in Practice” (2019: Western Mediterranean (Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco), 2018: Southern Caucasus (Armenia and Georgia); 2017 Western Balkans (Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia), and 2015 Middle East (Israel and Palestine)).

Stephan Stetter also regularly supervises BA and MA theses in the Social Sciences and Public Affairs program that deal with subjects relating to international politics and international conflicts from a current or historical perspective. Students who are interested in having their thesis supervised by him should contact him directly via email. Stephan Stetter is a liaison professor with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation study programme. If you are interested in a scholarship (or support of a non-material nature) and can present proof of relevant academic and social achievements, please also contact him directly via email.