A selection of the courses offered by our professorship

"Theories and Research Approaches in Comparative Politics" (MA)

"Introduction to Domestic Politics and Comparative Government" (BA)

"History and Structures of the German Political System" (BA)

"Digital Politics" (MA)

"Populism and Digital Media" (MA)

"Democracy in the Digital Age: Political Participation, Deliberation and Election Campaigns" (MA)

"Research Design in Comparative Politics" (MA)

"Minority Governments in Europe and in Comparison" (BA)

"Costs and Benefits of Governing - Successes and Failures of German Government Coalitions" (BA)

"Political Sociology of the Federal Republic of Germany" (BA)

"Introduction to the German Political System" (BA)

"Propaedeutics: Techniques of Scientific Work" (BA)


A more detailed description can be found in the module handbooks for Bachelor's and Master's students.