Conferences & Presentations – Prof. Dr. Jasmin Riedl

(2023): Centralized Rapid Response in the Wake of Covid-19: Tracing the Acceleration of Legislative Processes in Germany. Academic and Practitioner Workshop "Territorial Politics in Europe: Did the Covid-19 pandemic lead to a centralization or decentralization of power?" organized by ReDemo (Aleksandra Maatsch) and Aston Centre for Europe (Carolyn Rowe and Ed Turner), Wroclaw, December 7-8, 2023.

(2023): Discourse Dynamics in Crisis: Navigating Conversational Bubbles Across Diverse Contentious Issues in the German Twittersphere. Annual Meeting of the AK Parteienforschung (DVPW), Göttingen, October 12-13, 2023 (with Wiebke Drews).

(2023): Avoiding the elephant in the room: The (de-)politicization of Covid-19 and perceptions of political actors in the German Twittersphere. ECPR General Conference, Prague, September 4-8, 2023 (with Wiebke Drews and Andreas Dafnos).

(2023): Barred from the Ballot. An Analysis of Negative Voting Agenda Power in Germany's Bicameral System. 8th Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments, Vienna, July 6-8, 2023.

(2023): The evolution and persistence of echo chambers over time and across topics: German Covid-19 and Russo-Ukrainian War conversations on Twitter. ECPR Joint Sessions, Toulouse, April 25-28, 2023 (with Wiebke Drews).

(2022): Avoiding the Elephant in the Room: The (De-)Politicization and Persistence of Covid-19 Echo Chambers during the 2021 German Election on Twitter. American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting, Montreal, September 15-19, 2022 (with Wiebke Drews).

(2022): Under Pressure: Spatial Dynamics and Party-Level Strategies in Negative Campaigning during the 2021 German Election. General Online Research Conference (GOR), Berlin, September 7-9, 2022 (with Wiebke Drews and Johannes Steup).

(2019): The Metronome of Legislation: Measuring the Pace of the German Legislature. ECPR General Conference 2019; Section: "Changing Political Economies and Welfare States", Panel: "The Time of Politics and Democratic Governance", Wroclaw, 4.-7.9.2019.

(2019): Section Chair T13P05: "Hello, IT... Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again?" - Big Data Challenges for Political Science. Successful section application incl. the organisation of 3 panel sessions. International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP), Montreal, 26.- 28.6.2019 (First Chair: Jasmin Riedl, Second Chair: Wiebke Drews, Third Chair: Habin Lee).

(2018): EGOV-CeDem-EPart, 3.-5. September 2018, Krems (Application with full paper, peer-reviewed and published in Springer LNCS, Best Paper Award).

(2018): Invited speaker for the workshop "Security: policies, cultures and concepts", 1.10.2018, TU Kaiserslautern (hosted by Prof. Wenzelburger).

(2018): Internal Security Policies in the German National Election Campaign Period 2017: Political Reactions to the Berlin Christmas Market Attack in December 2016. The 5th International Conference on Healthcare System Preparedness and Response to Emergencies & Disasters, 14. bis 17.1.2018, Tel Aviv.

(2015): Section Chair T18P32: "Policing and security: New Challenges for Policy-Making and Accountability." Successful section application incl. organisation of 3 panel sessions. International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP), Milan, 1-4.7.2015 (with Hartmut Aden).

(2014): Everyday Insecurity. The domestication of digital security measures using the example of the US crime series NCIS. (In)Security, (In)Visibility and Gender in Historical Perspective, Neubiberg, 3.7.2014.

(2013): Policy Timing for the Introduction of the IMSI Catcher. 12th Workshop of the Terrorism Research Network, Berlin, 14-15.3.2013.

(2012): Policy-Timing zur Streichung des Religionsprivilegs aus dem Vereinsgesetz. 11th Workshop of the Terrorism Research Network, Munich, 31.8. to 1.9.2012.

(2012): Federalism as a Problem - Federalism as a Solution: A First Reappraisal in the Context of the Scandal of the Right-Wing Extremist Violent Acts by Members of the National Socialist Underground (NSU). 11th Workshop of the Terrorism Research Network, Munich, 31.8. to 1.9.2012, (with Mathias Bug and Ursula Münch).

(2011): Internal Security Institutions Meeting Internet Governance - A comparative view on the UK and Germany. ECPR General Conference 2011; Section: "Open Section", Panel: "Information Governance: Transformations and its Drivers?", Reykjavik, 24. bis 27.8.2011 (with Mathias Bug).

(2011): Internal Security in the UK and Germany - Similar Approaches, Different Outcomes; 37th IASGP Annual Conference, London, 16. bis 17.5.2011 (with Mathias Bug).