Conferences & Presentations – Kirsty Campbell

  • Workshop: ‘Gender, Empire, Expansion’ by Freie Universität Berlin; Presentation: ‘Memoirs as Social Mirrors: German Women’s Roles in Shaping Gender and Race Hierarchies in German South-West Africa, 1884-1915’, 3 February 2022, digital.
  • RISK Jahreskolloquium: ‚Die nächste Krise kommt bestimmt – und dann?‘, 26.10.2021, digital. Poster: ‘Social Media and the Capitol Hill Riots’.
  • Arbeitsgruppe Friends- und Konfliktforschung (AFK): 23-24 September 2021, digital. Presentation by Kirsty Campbell, Andreas Dafnos und Timothy Williams: What was the role of digital media during the Capitol Hill riots? 
  • Rwandan Academy for Language and Culture (RALC): 18 December 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. Presentation: Overview of German-language source material available for the study of Rwandan history, in particular the publications by Peter Schumacher (1878-1957).