Professor for Plasma Technology and basics of Electrical Engineering

Welcome to the Institute for Plasma Technics. Plasma is a material in the so called fourth state and is familiar to most people as lightning. The control and analysis of plasma is our area of expertise and has various applications in material labs (Welding), (Disinfection), and space (satellite engines). We pursue all of these applications and more. Due to plasma technics being a field of a lot of overlapping specializations, our Institute consists of coworkers of varying backgrounds, which leads to interesting discussions and possibly unconventional approaches. We would love to awaken your interest in the study of Plasma. You can find more information under the Research page. 


We provide Courses for the Faculties EIT, LRT and INF, from Basics of Electrical Engineering all the way to the Physics of Satellite Engines. Detailed information to this may be found under the Courses page. Through our broad availability of Courses we instruct students of almost all MINT areas, which is supported by a multitude of student works. This diversity creates an exciting environment in which everyone can find something of interest to them and feel comfortable. We are internationally established as well and currently have employees of 5 different countries. (Even Germans not from Bavaria).


For further information please feel free to contact any of the employees listed below. 


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