Raman spectroscopy - WITec alpha300 confocal Raman Microscope

We can provide measurements with a WITec alpha300 confocal Raman Microscope equipped with multiple laser excitation sources: 405 nm, 532nm and 633 nm. An installed notch filter suppresses the Rayleigh line and thus allows to image low frequency modes down to below 10 rel. cm-1. The equipped lens-based spectrometer enables high throughput above 60 % and uses a 600 g/mm or a 1800 g/mm grating for photoluminescence and Raman measurements. With the finer grating an energy resolution of about 1 cm-1 is achievable. With this system the commonly available 532 nm laser excitation is best suited to obtain comparable data sets. The excitation power can be varied from 0.05 mW to 65 mW and is focused on the sample using an array of objectives (10x, 20x, 50x, 50x long distance, 100x). An automatic controlled stage with a maximum resolution of 0.1 µm can be used to perform mapping scans to get insight to spatial variations of the Raman spectra.