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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the homepage of the Institute of Physics at the Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen, Germany.

The institute is represented by three professorships for Microsystems Technology, Sensor Technologies and Polytronic Systems.

Our research is focused on Silicon Technology, covering the field from material science, process technology to the fabrication of conventional and innovative semiconductor devices and their insertion in new applications and systems. For this we operate two CMOS-Cleanrooms and additional labs for analytics and measurement technology.

Students are offered lectures and lab courses in German and English language. The topics of the offered Bachelor and Master thesis also cover a wide range from technological research in material and process development, programming of process and measurement tools, in analytics, device design and layout, fabrication and characterization of devices to simulation and theoretical modeling of physical effects in charge carrier transport.
In addition we appreciate students from other german and international universities performing their internships, Bachelor and Master theses in our institute. Depending on our actual research projects internal or industrial doctoral theses are welcome as well.

In cooperation with industry our primary goal is always to transfer new findings in shortest time in technical applications and products, especially taking economical and quality aspects into consideration. This is completed by our offer of seminars and staff training.

You are invited to browse in our pages for further information and also please feel free to direct any enquiry to the provided contact persons. Happy touring!


Walter Hansch
Microsystems Technology

Georg Düsberg
Sensor Technologies

Christoph Kutter
Polytronic Systems


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