Awards at the HTC-18

11 Juni 2024

Michael Bachmann (Ketek GmbH) and Florian Herdl (UniBW) won the second and third places in the best poster award at the HTC-18 conference held in Leuven, Belgium on 28-31 May 2024. Both posters focus Hot Electron Emitters(HEE), comprised of Graphene-Oxide-Semiconductor heterostructures, being developed at the Institute of Physics of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich.


These emitters are being considered in the field of gas analytics, where soft and miniaturizeable ionization sources are highly sought after for multiple applications like Ion-Mobility-Spectrometry, Ion-Mass-Spectrometry or Electron-Capture-Detectors. The presented HEE is a highly scalable alternative to existing ionization sources, combining low energetic electrons (< 10 eV) while being a switchable and importantly a non-radioactive ionization source. This could give such emitters the possibility to measure particularly volatile compounds without compromise other capabilities. In the awarded posters the performance of the HEE was investigated under atmospheric conditions and utilized in an Ion-Mobility-Spectrometer as well as in an Electron Capture Detector to measure 1,2 Dichloroethane and Chloroform respectively. Due to the novel approach and soft ionization energies, the HEE could have significant impact in the thriving community of gas analytics.

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