Research priorities

We are interested in theoretical and at the same time practical research questions from the fields of personnel management, organization and corporate management. To answer the research questions, we use theoretical-conceptual as well as qualitative and quantitative empirical methods. By doing so, we close research gaps and contribute to the scientific discussion. At the same time, practical relevance is important to us, which is why we use our research to develop management implications and scientifically sound solutions for business practice.

The research focus of the chair lies in the areas of personnel management, organization and corporate management.

  • Human Resource Management
    Strategy, organisation and practices of personnel management such as flexibilisation of personnel and personnel management, internationalisation, new working environments and forms of employment, innovation in personnel management, possibilities and consequences of big data analytics.
  • Organization and management
    New working environments, digitization, knowledge & learning, management of knowledge work and knowledge workers, knowledge management, organizational routines, replication of routines.


In addition, we focus on specific industries, as we assume that industries differ specifically in their specific problems and are characterized by different management logics. This must also be taken into account in research.


  • Professional Service Firms
    In our "Professional Service Firms (PFS)" competence center, we focus on management challenges in knowledge-intensive companies that provide business-related services. These include management consultancies, commercial law firms, auditing firms, engineering service providers, etc. More information about our PSF research can be found on our website
  • Automotive
    The automotive industry is a key sector worldwide, but especially for Germany of the highest importance. In order to do justice to this fact, but also out of a fundamental interest in the automotive industry, we are deepening some of our research focuses in the automotive industry. These include, for example, the internationalisation of personnel deployment, the replication of routines and cooperation with development service providers.
  • Public sector
    Some of our research projects focus on non-profit and public organizations. In the past, we have dealt with performance-oriented remuneration in the non-profit sector. Currently, we are conducting research on service orientation in human resources management and on quanitative and qualitative personnel planning in public companies.


We also conduct research in cooperation with practice partners. Practitioners and companies interested in our research can contact us here.
Students who would like to accompany our research with Bachelor's or Master's theses should contact our team of scientific staff.
If you are interested in a doctorate or our doctoral program, please do not hesitate to contact the team at any time.