Funded by: EU H2020 (via University of Surrey)
Duration: started in 09/2021, duration 3 years
Contact at PACY: Prof. Dr. Mark Manulis
Project website: 


SECANT project develops an innovative cyber security risk assessment platform to tackle cascading cyber threats and vulnerabilities, increasing privacy, data protection and accountability across the entire interconnected ICT ecosystem.

The solution is expected to facilitate the collection, analysis and sharing of cyber threat intelligence among supply chain stakeholders and CERTs/CSIRTs. SECANT also aims to provide cutting-edge trust and accountability mechanisms for data protection and security awareness training to facilitate more informed cybersecurity decisions.

SECANT is a multi-national consortium of 4 academic institutions and 16 industrial partners from 10 countries. PACY lab participates in the SECANT project through the University of Surrey and is primarily working on Objective 4, which aims to  design and implement a tailored data protection and multi-level accountability framework, relying on a distributed ledger system, that can establish trust, integrity and protect sensitive data. 

An overview article that appeared in IEEE CSR 2022 and describes the project architecture and its goals can be found here.