The class "Intercultural management" sensitizes for cultural diversity and different culture areas. Theoretical concepts help to analyze cultural differences. The course offers information about different culture areas, in part based on autonomous research. Furthermore, we discuss possibilities to handle cultural differences efficiently.


Target group Master of Science (BSc.) WOW, students in their 3rd trimester
Module Optional subject
Instructor Dipl.-Kulturw. Erna Herzfeldt

Fall trimester; Thurday, 13.15 - 15.15 pm


After assessing their own intercultural competencies, the students develop a culture concept and its relevance for intercultural management. The students get educated in dealing with cultural differences by being introduced to selected national culture areas and their characteristics.

Teaching methods Term paper (group), presentation, simulation, discussion, group work with case studies, trainings sequences
Performance record Give an introduction into a selected culture area based on a meaningful handout (45%), a term paper (45%), active participation and reflection papers (10%)
Topics READER available in the library and Downloads from the BSCW-Server (only accessible from inside the university)