Dipl.-Kulturw. Erna Herzfeldt

Dipl.-Kulturw. Erna Herzfeldt
WOW 2.2 - Professur für Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie
Gebäude 36, Zimmer 1204
+49 89 6004 2697

Dipl.-Kulturw. Erna Herzfeldt

Erna Herzfeldt studied from 2004 until 2010 at the University of Passau and the University of Buenos Aires Languages, Economics, and Cultural studies. During her studies she acquired practical experience in international marketing and sales in management consultancies in Moscow and Buenos Aires. After her studies she worked for Deloitte & Touche GmbH in the field of global mobility. Since 2014 she has been working as research assistant at the Chair of Organizational Behavior at the department of Economics and Management at the Bundeswehr University Munich. From April until June 2017 she did research at the Peter B. Gustavson Business School at the University of Victoria in Canada. Her research interests are in the fields of intercultural collaboration, creativity in teams, and positive psychology. In her dissertation she examines the success factors of creative collaboration in multicultural teams.


  • Intercultural Management
  • Introduction to scientific working
  • Leadership: Managing people in organizations (tutorial)
  • Bachelor seminar
  • Master seminar


Research interests
  • Multicultural Teams
  • Language diversity
  • Bi- and Multicultural Individuals
  • Creativity
  • Wellbeing


Selected publications

Herzfeldt, E. & Sackmann, S.A. (in press). Interkulturelle Kompetenz. In S.A. Sackmann (2018) Herausforderungen Führung –Perspektiven für die Zukunft. Springer Verlag.

Brighi, C. & Herzfeldt, E. (2017). On the Role of Language in the Hiring Process. Paper Presentation. Milan: EIBA Conference 2017.

Weingart E. (2016). Effective Use of Cultural Schemas in Bicultural Individuals. Poster Presentation. Leipzig: DGPs-Kongress 2016.

Weingart E. (2015). Effective Intrapersonal Management of Multiple Cultural Identities. Poster Presentation. Vienna:  IACCM Conference 2015.