General Defocusing Particle Tracking (GDPT)

Welcome to the site for the General Defocusing Particle Tracking (GDPT) method, a 3D particle tracking method specially suited for microfluidics that requires only standard laboratory equipment: microscope, light source, and camera.
For more information about the working principles of the method, please refer to:
Barnkob R, Kähler CJ, Rossi M (2015) General defocusing particle tracking. Lab on a Chip 15:3556-3560, DOI: 10.1039/c5lc00562k
For information about GDPTlab, a freely-distributed software for GDPT evaluations in the MATLAB environment, please download the user manual.
To request a copy of GDPTlab (only academic and non-commercial use), please follow the instruction available at this link.

For questions, comments, or further information, please contact us:

How it works




3D particle tracking of 5-µm polystyrene beads driven by surface acoustic waves in a PDMS microchannel (Barnkob R, Nama N, Ren L, Huang TJ, Costanzo F, Kähler CJ (2018) Acoustically Driven Fluid and Particle Motion in Confined and Leaky Systems. Phys. Rev. Applied 9:014027).